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One, “Dr. Gormsson’s Portable Babbage Interface”.
Completed and ready to go to it’s new home.

Each of these is an entirely functional bluetooth system featuring working keys and touchpad, Thomas has been know to use his to text and watch Netflix…

You can get your own right here! »>

ガーター付きボディバッグ  (BBD18-B533 BRN/F)
¥8,640 (本体価格  ¥8,000)

編上げベルトアームカバー  (BBD18-G549 BK/F)
¥8,100 (本体価格  ¥7,500)

ガーター付きボディバッグ  (BBD18-B533 BK/F)
¥8,640 (本体価格  ¥8,000)

編上げベルトアームカバー  (BBD18-G549 BRN/F)
¥8,100 (本体価格  ¥7,500)

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