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FRILL 燕尾レースカーディガン  (BFD18-Z004 BK/M)
¥16,200 (本体価格  ¥15,000)

GRAMM ハーフサロペットパンツ  (CGD18-P020 BK/L)
¥18,360 (本体価格  ¥17,000)

SEVEN サイドギャザーカットソー  (CND18-T102 BK/M)
¥8,424 (本体価格  ¥7,800)

Blood レースアップ付きカットソー  (BBD18-T046 BK/M)
¥8,640 (本体価格  ¥8,000)

レースアップコルセット  (BBD18-H607 BRN/M)
¥15,660 (本体価格  ¥14,500)


DIY Rain Cloud Costume by Malin entering the Costume Contest at Costume Works. Malin’s daughter, wearing the rain cloud costume, came up with the idea and helped make it. From Malin:

We started out with a modified eighties taffety and tulle prom dress. With a few snips here, a tuck or two here, (and a lot of sewing) we had the base for our costume. We used a garage sale find, a wide brimmed woven straw hat, as our basis for the cloud and then draped, glued and sewed yards upon yards of tulle on top of it. After that we strung plastic beads and crystals at various lengths to make the rain drops and attached them to the hat with small metal rings. Gray satin ribbon were attached to keep the hat on and give it that vintage Victorian feel. 


Whimsical Lighting Collection by Ingo Maurer

German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer is often called “a poet of light”. Able to infuse a simple object like a light bulb for example with a poetic exploration of a conceptual theme, German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer’s work bridges art and function. His fascinating light sculptures capture the imagination and are uniquely different. Ingo Maurer is fascinated by what he calls the “magical and mystical” properties of light. Ingo Maurer constructs luminous atmospheres that play with traditional concepts of color, brightness, and shadow.



SteamGirl® Spotlight: Kindra

Hey everyone, Prof. Falconer here, and this week’s SteamGirl® Spotlight is on the incredible Kindra! Kindra is relatively new to, with her self-titled debut set being released at the end of August 2014, but she’s made quite a mark! Her debut was so well-received, in fact, that we brought Kindra back for two more sets, “Love Note” and “Lover’s Perspective”. But even though she’s new here, that doesn’t mean she’s new to modeling; with her various tattoos (her favorites are the ghost and jack-o-lantern on her thumbs), Kindra’s been featured in three different tattoo magazines and looks forward to being in more once she has some more ink done. In fact, as Kindra told me, she hopes to be completely covered in tattoos at some point. Between you and me, I’m hoping I can convince her to get a rabbit done!

Tattoos may be one of Kindra’s passions, but it’s far from the only one. Halloween is something she truly cherishes, and she’s made it a personal goal to live every day of her life as if it’s that wonderful holiday. Her favorite tattoos may have been a good indicator, but if you need more convincing, her love of bats will do the trick! Kindra’s love of bats is so profound, in fact, that she’s often been called upon by friends and family to liberate the little guys when they get stuck in houses. Saving bats and keeping them disease-free is a major concern for Kindra, which is why she also donates regularly to the Bat World Sanctuary, which helps care for and rescue bats in need. On top of that, Kindra often donates her time and money to other charitable organizations, such as Cancer Care and the National Coalition for the Homeless. And then of course there are the simpler things that Kindra enjoys, such as coffee, wine, working out, typography, graphic design, and practicing her second language, Swedish.

As you can read, Kindra is a very passionate and compassionate person. Her love for helping others in need shows she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and we couldn’t be happier to have her work featured on!

Here’s where you can find Kindra online, as well as some other links of importance:

Kindra’s Facebook pageBat World Sanctuary
Cancer Care
National Coalition for the Homeless

And of course, you can always see her on!

-Prof. Falconer


The Flatiron by Edward J. Steichen

1904, printed 1909 

Steichen added color to the platinum print that forms the foundation of this photograph by using layers of pigment suspended in a light-sensitive solution of gum arabic and potassium bichromate. Together with two variant prints in other colors, also in the Museum’s collection, “The Flatiron” is the quintessential chromatic study of twilight. Clearly indebted in its composition to the Japanese woodcuts that were in vogue at the turn of the century and in its coloristic effect to the “Nocturnes” of Whistler, this picture is a prime example of the conscious effort of photographers in the circle of Alfred Stieglitz to assert the artistic potential of their medium.
Steichen and Stieglitz selected this photograph for inclusion in the “International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography” held at the Albright Art Gallery (now the Albright-Knox Art Gallery) in Buffalo, New York, in 1910. The exhibition of six hundred photographs represented the capstone of Stieglitz’s efforts to promote Pictorialist photography as a fine art.


After over a year of contract ‘back-and-forth’, producing samples, mass-manufacture and approval, my VERY FIRST licensee released my designs with their new collection today! I’m very happy to be licensing the last 9 years of my work to one of the biggest alternative clothing companies in the world,Draculaclothing ! You’ll find items from my current 2014 collection available for half the price, in additional colours and sizes with a faster turnaround time. Your favourite designs from all my past collections will be making a grand comeback through Dracula Clothing over the coming years and if online sales do well, you’ll see in up to 300 physical stores world-wide! I signed a non-exclusive licensing deal which means Ivette and I can still make and sell my work through my own store and license my work to other interested companies, but this also means that we’ll have the time to focuss on custom-fit couture just like the good ol’ days! I’d be most grateful if you’d share this news with any of your Steampunk buddies that need affordable clothing in a timely manner. This is an exciting time for me. This has been my biggest career goal so far. 

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