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Plankton of the world, beware! While most nudibranchs, or sea slugs, crawl and graze, the melibe sweeps its hood through the water like a net, capturing unsuspecting tiny drifters. A fringe of tentacles interlock and trap prey as the hood collapses to help the slug digest its meal.

Melibes may be expert plankton snatchers, but how do these soft-bodied invertebrates escape being a meal? Researchers have followed their noses to the melibe’s uniquely fruity smell—noxious secretions which may ward off nibbling fish. They can also “swim” away from predators by wiggling from side to side. 

Living on giant kelp fronds or sea grass, melibes live higher up in the water column than most seafloor-bound nudibranchs. They’ve adapted well to the vertical life—as you can see in the background, their white ribbon eggs hang and sway with currents.

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As you can see in the above photo, Kindra is using a typewriter to compose the titular Love Note, but did you know that typewriters are why our keyboards use the QWERTY layout? Though popular belief claims that the letters on a keyboard were placed the way they are to slow down typists and prevent typewriter jams, it was actually meant to speed up typists… by preventing jams! By separating commonly used pairs of letters like “S” and “T”, you could prevent a typewriter’s typebars from smashing against each other and locking up, which would be a time consuming process to fix.

See? You learn something on here.

"Love Note", featuring Kindra, debuts on this Saturday!

(Photography by Ayria Lovett)

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